There's always plenty of nougat in the Christmas baskets: they end up in a drawer or they're given away. You must make purchases so that you spend less and that they are liked by everyone!

According to El Diario article

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Do you want a basket or lot proposal without high costs?

There are different proposals in the market that help companies to show at a special time that their employees, suppliers, customers or events are of vital importance to them.

However, many of these tend to have a high cost and contain industrialized products that can be easily obtained on large surfaces or that everyone doesn't like.

What would you think if you could do the same with a fraction of the cost and gourmet products from small producers in the field?
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Competitive baskets adapted to your company

inorBox's company boxes, in addition to being competitive, are perfect as lots or Christmas baskets, contain handmade products from country producers, which will make your recipients feel an explosion of flavor when trying them out.

In addition, you can customize them with corporate products with your brand and with a special message for them.

Ask us about our gourmet packages and special conditions that we can offer you!