Gifts don't need to be the most wreaked or expensive, sometimes the small details also make a difference!

Article by Manuel Gutíerrez

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Having a hard time finding original gifts?

How goes the saying? There’s no accounting for taste... you've probably heard it more than once and you're even have experienced it while looking for a gift for a special person or moment. 

We've been down that road many times trying to put ourselves in that person's shoes, wanting to guess if that blouse or T-shirt is to their liking. It's quite complicated to find the ideal gift.

Sometimes it's good to think disruptively and get out of the mold, have you thought of giving away culinary experiences that blow up the finest palates?
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Artisan gourmet products

FinorBox offers you a recyclable cardboard box full of handmade products made by small producers in the field. 

Give away cold cuts, cheeses, jams, honeys and other rich things with the minimum of preservatives and flavor enhancement products. 

When that person tries FinorBox gift box products, they'll always remember you!