Notice of Privacy

Privacy is one of the goods that has always been very precious, but today it is much more.

We want you to get comfortable.

Don't be in a hurry, we will explain the path that your personal data will follow since you enter the

But.... before we continue, we will introduce you to the person who has responsibility for the processing of your personal data.

Data Controller of FinorBox: FinorBox :

Name and Surname: Viridiana Macias Muñoz.

Address: Carrer Felip Pedrell 77, Sabadell, 08208

DNI: 49555690M. is the email to get in touch: it will answer you in 48 hours at most.

FinorBox has drafted this privacy notice in accordance with the indications of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights. The aim is to regulate the protection of personal data of people who visit the Web or if you lend us your personal data.


 What types of personal data does FinorBox use? 

FinorBox will process the personal data you have provided to us through the contact form.

With the contact form you can:

- Subscribe to the blog

- Register on the Web to make the purchase

             - Ask us any questions or information


 Where do we store your personal data? 

All personal data we will request from you is stored within the European Economic Area (EEA).

What personal data do we request to register? 

To register on the Web we need to know the following information.

    - Name

    - Surname

    - Address

    - Email 

    - Phone

This information is mandatory when making the purchase, thanks to it we will be able to send you the order.

Alongside this information we will also ask you to transfer us if you have any food allergies or intolerances.

The number of people with food allergies and intolerances has been growing for years.

Intolerance to gluten, histamine, fruit, lactose. The list has been growing.

From FinorBox we want to get to know you better and that is why we ask you for this personal data.

If you choose the option to sign in with Google, we'll only get the following information from your account:

./auth/ ->  View your email address.

./auth/userinfo.profile -> View your personal information, including the one you have shared publicly.

openid ->  Associate your identity to your Google personal information.

If you choose the option to sign in with Facebook, we'll only get the following information from your account:

Profile picture




Location (city)

Other publicly available information in Facebook

a.-Data needed to make the purchase 

When you purchase one of our products, FinorBox will store your information.

The purchase data we will store will be:

- Order number.

- The detail of the articles.

- All information about the means of payment used.

- The address to make the delivery.

- Address to issue the invoice.

- All communications related to purchase, return and customer service.

- Delivery phase, payment, return

This information is required in order to serve your order.

b.-Payment method data 

FinorBox offers you as a means of payment:

- Bizum

- Credit card

Remember that we need your personal data to process the payment of your purchase.

Don't worry whether you pay via credit card or via Bizum your personal data will be secure. They will only know the necessary and essential data to make the payment.

The information that FinorBox will save is:

- Your payment method

- Billing address

- IBAN or account number and bank code

- Credit card details

Below is Ingenico's and Stripe’s privacy policy so you can consult it.  

c.- Social media data 

FinorBox  has profiles on several social networks.

We have Facebook profile through the Fan page and help each other with social add-ons or logins with Facebook.

Remember that if you create the account through the Facebook profile or use its features to access FinorBox, Facebook will save and send us your personal data and we will be able to identify you.

The personal data that Facebook will provide us are:

- All the information that your public profile stores.

- Data about the type of device you use.

- The account ID of your profile on the network.

We attach Facebook's privacy policy to  

FinorBox also uses login add-ons in:

       YouTube Privacy Policy

       Google Privacy Policy

       Twitter Privacy Policy

       Instagram's FanPage Privacy Policy

On the Facebook and Instagram Fan Page we will post our offer of services and also promotions. Don't forget to visit us.

When you visit us at Fan Pages, operators record your behavior through cookies. With that information the Facebook and Instagram operator will know your interests and some of your features: age, gender, country, time of connection.

d.-FinorBox draws 

FinorBox  draws and we will ask you for personal information:

    - Name

    - Email 

    - Address

    - Phone number

    - Age

    - Contest information

Without this data we will not be able to contact you if you are a winner, as well as to communicate any of the issues of the contest.

Your information and personal data will be communicated to the companies that are responsible for sending the prizes.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data in the contests is based on your consent, when making the decision to participate in the sweepstakes.

However, at any time you have the right to withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data.

Remember that once the contest is held, we will store your personal data within 45 days.


 Know who FinorBox shares your data with 

FinorBox to perform the services is helped by suppliers these providers have access to process your personal data for the purposes indicated by FinorBox. They're our providers.

Let's introduce them.   shipments and parcels   hosting accounting manager domain provider   dns provider


 How long will we keep your personal data? 

FinorBox will retain your personal data as long as you have a business relationship with us and have not requested deletion. That period will be four years.


 What is the legitimacy for the processing of your personal data? 

Legitimation is the consent you give us.

We need your consent to be express, free, specific, informed and unequivocal.

To ask you your consent, we have designed it in two "layers".

You'll find the first layer when you fill out the form.

The second layer is activated when you send the email. In it we will inform you how we will process your personal data.

At this point in the conversation you may be concerned about the security measures we take in the collection and treatment process.

Don't worry, you can rest assured that we have taken all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of them.

Your information is protected.


What do you accept by granting your consent? 

The consent we ask of you must be expressed.

By being expressed we will only process the data for the purpose we indicate:

    - Send you the purchase of products

    - To subscribe to the newsletter

    - To inform you of offers and promotions


 How can you exercise your A.R.C.O. rights? 

We don't want you to leave yet.

That's why we've thought about summarizing your rights so you can quickly identify them.

What are ARCO rights?

*right of access to your data.

*right to be rectified (if inaccurate or incomplete).

*right for us to delete your data from supplier and supplier files.

*right to limit the collection and processing of your personal data.

*right to object to your data being incorporated into the FinorBox  file and also into the files of the providers. FinorBox    y también en los ficheros de los proveedores.

Remember that whenever you wish you can file a complaint with the competent Data Protection Control Authority if you feel that we have not satisfied the exercise of your rights.

The moment you decide that you want to access, rectify, delete or limit their collection and treatment and finally oppose them being part of the files, let us know, for this you have to send an email to the  

We will answer you as quickly as possible (the reply period maximum 48 hours on working days) and carry out the procedure (exercise of your rights) that you have requested.

Don't worry, when we send you your personal data, it will be in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Also, remember that you can transmit your personal data to another person responsible for the processing.

Don't worry about the security breaches. We work every day to avoid them. 

The procedure that FinorBox uses so that there is no breach of your data, we have built it through a series of security measures both technical and organizational.

Thanks to these measures, we guarantee the protection of your personal data and work to prevent it from being altered, modified, lost and subject to unauthorized processing and/or access to it.

Despite all these precautions, any file or database is exposed to certain risks, which are sometimes the result of human action but at other times are caused by the physical or natural environment.

Here are our seven priorities:

1.- We do not share passwords with anyone.

2.- We have a password for each account.

3.- Each password has eleven characters and in it we alternate uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols.

4.- The transfer we make of personal data is minimal. This makes it easier to reduce the exposure to leakage, theft or intrusion of the personal data you have transferred to us.

5.- We carefully examine the third-party vendors we contract with and ensure that they have adequate security protocols in place to prevent hacking on the network through third-party natural or legal persons.

6.- Your personal data is stored in a private cloud. And access to them is restricted.

7.- Hardware access control is done using encrypted devices. This means that there is control over access to systems and monitoring.

Finally, in the worst case if it suffered a security breach, we will bring it to the knowledge of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and yours.

Remember when you accept the privacy policy, you authorize FinorBox to bring you the personal data you have transferred to it according to the privacy policy we have explained to you.


Last update: 14/10/2020