Notice of terms and conditions

It's good to see you around! 

In this legal notice we will talk to explain all the conditions of purchase.

The moment you place an order you will be bound by these conditions of purchase.

Let us make you a recommendation.

Read these general conditions of purchase when placing the order and remember that you need to accept them to make a purchase of our products.

From the moment you place an order you will be bound by these General Conditions of Purchase, but not only by them.

You may also be bound by the legal notice, privacy notice and cookie notice.

For the duration of the purchase process you will be able to access archive and also print the general conditions of purchase.

All information you provide to us will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

The client declares that all the information he/she provides is truthful and conforms to reality, he/she also wants to state that he/she is over 18 years of age and that he/she enjoys the powers to hire.

FinorBox wants you to know that prior to the making of the purchase and throughout the process you will be able to access, archive and print this notice of terms and conditions.

As an indispensable requirement to buy our products you have to provide us with all the necessary information, but we will not be able to place your order.

In the event that FinorBox detects that you have placed a false or fraudulent order, we reserve the right to cancel it and take appropriate action.

This merchant agrees not to allow any transaction that is illegal, or is considered by the credit card brands or the acquiring bank, that may or has the potential to damage their goodwill or negatively influence them.

The following activities are prohibited under the card brand programs: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all applicable laws to the Buyer, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Cardholder, or cards. In addition, the following activities are also explicitly prohibited: Sale of alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 years of age.



FinorBox has opened its doors convinced that sustainable and close agriculture benefits health and improves our habitat.  

Organic farming, products without additives, with low or non-existent doses of sugar and produced or collected without chemicals or fertilizers have a special quality.

FinorBox is committed to local trade, without intermediaries and made by small producers.  

FinorBox goes directly to farmers and producers avoiding intermediaries to contribute their grain of sand to the local economy and yours by offering cheaper prices.  

FinorBox products detail price and features.  

The currency of the final price indicated is detailed in euros and includes VAT.

Transportation is included in the price of the product for Spanish deliveries.

The images that accompany the products are an approximation.

FinorBox on its website includes the title and description to match the product photo.  

All information on the composition of products, ingredients, intolerances, allergies, is extracted from the label of each product. FinorBox is not responsible for the differences that may exist between the photograph and the information provided on the label.    

FinorBox strongly recommends that you carefully read the tags and instructions contained on the website and product before consuming it.


FinorBox reserves the right of access to the Website, as well as not to serve without prior notice for reasons of unavailability of any of the products offered.   

In the event that the products are not available or FinorBox cannot be served, it will inform the customer of the possibility of replacing the product with a similar one or canceling it and not serving it.  

If FinorBox is unable to contact the buyer at the time of preparation of the order, the product will be cancelled.

In the event that the ordered product is the only one in the FinorBox order,  it will proceed to cancel the order.   

Last update : 14/10/2020