From artisan hands to your table!

Meet the producers who make these mouth-watering products

They are the main protagonists of this beautiful story. Without each one of them and their beautiful stories of struggle, love and life for the field, the FinorBox project would not be possible. They are the ones who dedicate their time and effort to elaborate these delicious, healthy and high quality products that you can find in our boxes.

Stay tuned, because we will be telling you each of their stories and you will see that you will be as in love as we are and eager to live the experience of tasting their unique products.


100% handmade jams of the 5 grape varieties, made by the hands of Mara Àngels from her own vineyards.


Artisanal and creative jams based on the 3 peppers (red, yellow and green) combined with fruit or a spicy touch.


Jams of 14 varieties, both sweet and savory, handmade and delicious. They are also organic certified.

Les Filos 

Peach jams with family tradition and grandmother's recipe, as well as homegrown with P.D.O. variety. 

Devas Gourmet

Creative and artisanal cheeses with unique and addictive proposals: such as cured cheeses with Saffron and Pistachio, as well as P.D.O. cheeses.

Can Gaburra

Artisan sausages from the Garrotxa, 95% meat and gluten free, just like grandma used to make them. Once you try them you won't be able to stop!


Handmade cheeses with the love and care of its owner. Made with the milking of her own goats and with a special touch. You have to discover them!

El Boticario

Artisanal and healthy snacks, both sweet and savory, with the official seal of artisans from Alicante. They are so addictive that they will never be enough!

Ca la Nuria

The best mountain honeys, with original proposals. Prepared with love by Marc and family in a beautiful setting of an emblematic village.

La Paquita

Natural honeys from Tarragona, an area known for its delicious honeys and with a wide variety. Perfect to sweeten your day!


Preserves with national product, so handmade and tasty that you can eat them out of the package itself, I challenge you to do it, I've already tried it! 


Craft beer, with a fresh and smooth taste that reminds you of summer, with 8 degrees of alcohol, a perfect balance, but dangerous!

Barcelona Beer Factory

Craft beers known in the world of special beers lovers, with unique proposals and a super creative image. Surely you know some of them!

Ca la Madrona

Olive oils are so artisanal that when you go to visit them they are in full harvest and you have to see how the trucks arrive with the olives. An experience to taste and live it!


Extra virgin olive oils, macerated in an artisanal way, with such creative and delicious proposals, that you can use them on almost any food. We have checked it out!

Canigo Oil

Olive oil with olives of the Argudell variety, native to the Alt Empordà area (Girona), homegrown and hand macerated, a proposal for the most gourmet palates!

Casa Gispert

Nuts roasted in 170 years old ovens and roasted in the most traditional and handmade way, emblematic in Catalonia and very delicatessen products! 

Cafès Gener

Coffees and teas of many varieties with a very special aroma and roasting, you will enjoy it enormously!

Virtute Naturae

Mini peppers, prepared and stuffed in an artisanal way by the hands of a lovely couple. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they will make you salivate!

D´el Hort

Delicious vegetable pâtés in 4 presentations, made by artisan hands in a small village near Vic, in a traditional workshop. You have to try them!

This can be you!

You are a small producer and you want to join the FinorBox proposal, write to us, we are listening!