Whether it's the distance, lack of time or for any other reason, more and more people are opting to give virtual gifts to loved ones without leaving home!

Article by The Economist

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Would you like to give a present to someone who lives far away from you? 

Since I left home and moved out of town, although the affection remains with my loved ones, it is harder to find that special detail to show on the unique dates that unify us how much they still mean to me.

Of course, today I have many options to give away traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates or other everyday objects. What I long for are sites that allow me to facilitate the purchase process in an agile way.

We have a very special option for you.
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Surprise gifts in a gourmet box!

At FinorBox, we offer you some original gourmet gift baskets so you can send that special person on that important day from the comfort of your home.

You can customize your gift, choose the delivery method and track the package at all times.

Choose one of our gift packs and draw a smile on that special person!