Now we are no longer always looking for the affordable, we want and seek the only thing!

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plateau gourmet de produxtos españoles

Do you like the products of the countryside? 

When you shop at the super, you often find yourself remembering that artisanal product you saw at a fair in one of the wonderful villages in the interior. 

At that moment you say to yourself: I wish I had time to go to that town this week and buy that gourmet product that I loved so much! You also remember the satisfaction you feel to have supported that small producer from the field who so excitedly participated in that village fair.

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Small producers involve high quality

Find in FinorBox gourmet boxes a selection of the best products from small producers in the field that we have tried and approved for your delight, tasting or feast.

We have traveled to the four corners of the countryside, talked to the producers and told us the story behind each product. Encourage yourself to live a country experience in your home.

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