The fact that we are in a known territory does not remove, or should not remove, that we take care of the details and put a suitable and beautiful table.

GMS article protocol and events 

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Do you want to give your guests select products?

In the new normal, where we are trying to avoid conglomerate places, in our group of friends we stay at someone's house every week to share and taste in the company of loved ones.

Some of us carry the itch and others take care of the wine, so we have everything prepared for an afternoon/night of laughter and fun.

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Surprise with a healthy dinner

What better way to surprise your palate and that of your guests than with a FinorBox subscription box?

In that healthy and special dinner you will share the best gourmet artisanal products of the region, you can discuss the flavors, smells and textures, and if you feel like it, delve into the quicksands of Einstein's theory of relativity, applied to the perception of flavors and smells.

Dare with one of our subscription boxes and be the best host!