It is estimated that premium products are currently preferred by 25% of the population.

According to a Nielsen study.

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Are you one of those who prefer gourmet?

Has it happened to you that when you taste a product found on a large surface area, and then compare it to a more select product, the taste is more intense on the one made in a more artisanal way

And what do you think of the large number of preservatives, flavorings and added products of industrial products, which in the end subtract instead of add.

If you're like us, you're looking for more and more products that contain the minimum amount of these health-enhancing ingredients. 

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Specially selected premium quality products

A gourmet product, of premium quality, select and handmade you can find it in FinorBox. 

We have taken the task of testing each of the products of our baskets or boxes to be everything you expect and more, in the selection process we take special attention in the ingredients, mainly in the freshness, the quality of elaboration and above all, in that special touch that each small producer adds to them.

Enjoy the basket that best suits your tastes and that of your family in FinorBox!