FinorBox team

The first finorets in the club

Viry Macias, Co-founder and minion 1

Finoret 1

Siempre se ríe de todo, no se está nunca quieta, es muy creativa, todo el tiempo piensa en ideas o estrategias nuevas para el proyecto. Siempre pone a los demás antes que ella, le encanta ayudar a la gente del campo y come demasiado picante!.

Kike Maldonado, Co-founder and minion 2

He is the favorite of minion 1, he is obsessed with computers and getting his goals. He loves sweets, the beach and the heat. He can never take a photo without making faces. He is very honest, hard-working and loyal ... it shows that minion 1 has written his bio.

Kike and I, Viri, are a couple of Venezuelan and Mexican origin. We arrived in Barcelona 14 years ago struggling to get ahead in this country that has given us so much and where we are very happy.

A couple of years ago, Kike started with a very bad allergy that we could not know what it was due to. After countless tests, we discovered that his body no longer tolerated preservatives, colorings, sweeteners or acidulants. Almost no supermarket product!

This changed our lives. Being of Pagés origin, and having grown up with products from the countryside, we turned our gaze to artisan products. Products that we already knew from fairs, markets or specialized stores and that we also consumed. It was by adapting our way of buying and consuming, when we saw how difficult it is to access these healthy and handmade products with high quality and truly natural products. And FinorBox emerged. From our love for those artisanal, healthy, delicious, local trade products.

We wanted to make these artisans and their products known. We try to make them accessible to all of you who want quality products, without colorants or preservatives, with excellent flavor and close to the earth. We would like to share them with you. We invite you to contact us, to be part of this community and to get to know these artisans and their elaborations at

Passionate about the flavors of the countryside, we prepare a pairing with unique and delicious products. Direct from small producers to your table.

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